Betty White Challenge

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Thank You

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Mr. Willy’s Adventures

Mr. Willy has had quite an adventure since he was discovered wandering the desert roads outside Tombstone. Little did he know he would meet a group of dedicated volunteers willing to go the extra mile for him, actually 360 miles.  Willy’s adventure began on September 8th when he came to TSAS skinny, starving, and underweight.  He was finally off the streets and eating good food and had a soft bed to sleep in and a safe play yard to exercise. He was already neutered, so he just needed a final vet check, vaccinations, and microchip, and he was ready for his next leg in life’s adventure.  On Oct 3rd, he was adopted by a nice family in Surprise, AZ.  Off he went for a long car ride.  All communication indicated all was well, and he was such a nice “big boy.”  Suddenly communication stopped, and on Oct 14th, our new microchip company let us know Mr. Willy was in the Maricopa Animal Care Center.  OH NO!!. MACC is sadly overfull and bursting at the seams with abandoned and surrendered dogs. No response at all from Willy’s owner to multiple texts, phone calls, and emails.  We immediately contacted Maricopa Shelter because, you see, once a TSAS pet, always a TSAS pet.  Now we had to make sure we could spring Mr. Willy from there asap.  It seems Mr. Willy’s placement wasn’t perfect, and instead of contacting TSAS like the adopter was asked, they re-homed him, and the 2nd owner surrendered him. That was one of several reasons why we were told he was there.  On Sunday, our volunteer and a friend drove the 360 miles round trip and 2 hrs of waiting to pick him up and bring him back to the shelter. He was SUPER excited to see her and get on the road back to TSAS.  This isn’t the first time our dedicated volunteers have sprung one of our dogs.  The last time we went to PAC in Tucson. On the long way back, Mr. Willy fell in love with our volunteer’s friend, which was mutual.  He stayed a couple of nights with her, decompressing from his harrowing experience. He is now at the shelter, and we will not give up.  We know his new family is somewhere out there and will come to adopt him.  If that is you, please call 520-457-2545 for an appointment.

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Ryan Miele Grant Recieved

Thank you to the Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare and the Arizona Community Foundation for the $8,900 grant. These funds will be used for Veterinary care of the animals in our care. Making sure they are as healthy as possible before being adopted to forever homes. All pets are spayed/neutered if needed, microchipped, given current vaccinations, and any other necessary medical care. It also will be used for a stipend to be paid for Custodial help at the shelter. Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare and the Arizona Community Foundation have been wonderful supporters of the shelter, and because of their continuing belief in us, we can continue with our programs in a safe and beautiful environment.

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Shelter upgrades 2021

TSAS has had a very busy year so far with many exciting renovations and updates.  Thank you to Mr. Shed of Huachuca City for the beautiful new rodent-proof storage shed.  Echo Strada Construction of Tombstone for the finishing and electrical work.  All was made possible by a local donor who asked us for a project he could fund.  This made it possible to remove the mouse-infested trailer in front of the shelter. We also were able to have guillotine doors installed in the remaining dog kennels.  Thanks to other donors, we replaced all the kennels’ dog flaps.  These two improvements will help the heating and cooling in the main shelter.  But that isn’t all we got to do with the large donation.  The kitten room also got a large new play tree and play shelving on the wall, which is still being tweaked. We are working on some upgrades to the cat room as well.  Our new policy is to let the kittens/cats out of their kennels all day and only contained them at night.  This allows for better socialization/ mental and physical stimulation. We will have the gate from play yard #4 moved for better access.  We are so thankful for this donation and to the construction companies and our team of volunteers that worked diligently installing, painting, and hauling to get this new project completed.

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Shelter News

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a unique small shelter in the Arizona desert. It was started by one resident of Tombstone, AZ, wanting to save the abandoned pets in the area, and later grew into an all-volunteer organization. In 1977 it was incorporated and became a non-profit. In 1997 with the help of donations collected by volunteers and the City of Tombstone, the current main building was built. Today it stands as a beautiful small shelter in the desert. The shelter currently has the main building with a cat room on one side, a kitten room on the other, and twelve dog kennels with inside/outside runs. A large storage shed and a small storage shed a laundry room. Eight varying-sized large, fully enclosed play yards and two enclosed puppy pens. All this was made possible with the continued support of the City of Tombstone, its residents, local merchants, and local service clubs. The shelter also has a wonderful supportive donor base. The shelter continues to operate on a volunteer basis with financial support from its many donors. Most of the large building and renovation projects have been because of grants from the Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare administered by the Arizona Community Foundation. Grants received from Ryan Miele and Petcolove Foundation have also helped with medical costs for the pets.

The shelter serves the Greater Tombstone Community and helps its residents with food and sterilization upon request, and funds and supplies are available. When space and volunteers are available, dogs are transferred in from other county shelters to help find them new homes. All animals receive medical care, sterilization, microchip, and current vaccinations. Currently, the shelter needs volunteers to help. Even an hour a week could make a big difference. Without volunteers, the shelter cannot continue with its much-needed work. Volunteers must be 18 yrs old and physically able to work with animals. For more information, call 520-457-2545 and leave a detailed message.

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Another easy way to support the shelter

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Petco Love Grant Awarded

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Thank You!

Thank you for your generous donations during the AZ GIVES Day April 6th. We raised over $1600. These funds will definitely be put to good use. Your belief in us is so appreciated and the pets in our care deserve the best we can give them while they are with us.

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AZ GIVES DAY April 6th

Invest in AZ! Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is excited to announce that it is joining this year’s Arizona Gives Day, a statewide, 24-hour online giving campaign. Please consider giving on April 6th, go to The money donated in years past during these 24 hours have helped the shelter with many issues.  Some are maintenance issues as we continue to update and improve the living conditions of pets in our care until we find them good loving homes.  Our biggest expense of course is medical, incl. spay/neuter. The shelter also helps the local community with spay/neuter of personal pets and  pet food when supplies are available.   2020 was an unusual year with the onset of COVID and many pets coming into the shelter needing unusual medical procedures. We did several dentals on both cats and dogs, treated ear and eye infections, canine lupus, glaucoma, valley fever, diabetes, and feline calicivirus along with the normal ear mites and ring worm.  The money we raised through AZ GIVES helped immensely with all these medical  challenges. We are hoping for a quieter year in 2021 but  plan to meet any challenge that should  arise and with your support we know we can succeed. Please share our fundraiser to help get the word out.  Or if you choose to write a check please mail to TSAS at PO Box 1085, Tombstone, AZ 85638 indicate it is for AZ GIVES DAY Thank you for your continued support!

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