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Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a unique small shelter in the Arizona desert. It was started by one resident of Tombstone, AZ, wanting to save the abandoned pets in the area, and later grew into an all-volunteer organization. In 1977 it was incorporated and became a non-profit. In 1997 with the help of donations collected by volunteers and the City of Tombstone, the current main building was built. Today it stands as a beautiful small shelter in the desert. The shelter currently has the main building with a cat room on one side, a kitten room on the other, and twelve dog kennels with inside/outside runs. A large storage shed and a small storage shed a laundry room. Eight varying-sized large, fully enclosed play yards and two enclosed puppy pens. All this was made possible with the continued support of the City of Tombstone, its residents, local merchants, and local service clubs. The shelter also has a wonderful supportive donor base. The shelter continues to operate on a volunteer basis with financial support from its many donors. Most of the large building and renovation projects have been because of grants from the Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare administered by the Arizona Community Foundation. Grants received from Ryan Miele and Petcolove Foundation have also helped with medical costs for the pets.

The shelter serves the Greater Tombstone Community and helps its residents with food and sterilization upon request, and funds and supplies are available. When space and volunteers are available, dogs are transferred in from other county shelters to help find them new homes. All animals receive medical care, sterilization, microchip, and current vaccinations. Currently, the shelter needs volunteers to help. Even an hour a week could make a big difference. Without volunteers, the shelter cannot continue with its much-needed work. Volunteers must be 18 yrs old and physically able to work with animals. For more information, call 520-457-2545 and leave a detailed message.

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