Mr. Willy’s Adventures

Mr. Willy has had quite an adventure since he was discovered wondering the desert roads outside Tombstone. Little did he know he would meet a group of dedicated volunteers willing to go the extra mile for him, actually 360 miles.  Willy’s adventure began on September 8th when he came to TSAS, skinny, starving and underweight.  He was finally off the streets and eating good food and had a soft bed to sleep and a safe play yard to exercise. He was already neutered so he just needed a final vet check, vaccinations and microchip and he was ready for his next leg in life’s adventure.  On Oct 3rd he was adopted to a nice family in Surprise, AZ.  Off he went for a long car ride.  All communication indicated all was well and he was such a nice “big boy”.  Suddenly communication stopped and on Oct 14th our new micro chip company let us know Mr. Willy was in the Maricopa Animal Care Center.  OH NO!!. MACC is sadly over full and bursting at the seams with abandoned and surrendered dogs. No response at all from Willy’s owner to multiple text, phone calls and emails.  We immediately contacted Maricopa Shelter because, you see, once a TSAS pet always a TSAS pet.  Now we had to make sure we could spring Mr. Willy from there asap.  It seems Mr. Willy’s placement wasn’t perfect and instead of contacting TSAS like the adopter was asked they re-homed him and the 2nd owner surrendered him. That was one of several reasons why we were told he was there.  On Sunday  our volunteer and a friend drove the 360 miles  round trip and 2 hrs of waiting, to pick him up and bring him back to the shelter. He was SUPER excited to see her and get on the road back to TSAS.  This isn’t the first time our dedicated volunteers have sprung one of our dogs.  The last time we went to PAC in Tucson. On the long way back  Mr. Willy fell in love with our volunteer’s friend and it was mutual.  He stayed a couple of nights with her decompressing from his harrowing experience. He is now at the shelter and we will not give up.  We know his new family is somewhere out there and will come adopt him.  If that is you please call 520-457-2545 for an appointment.

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