Lyric’s Happy Tail Story


Lyric aka Angel

We were a all Rottweiler family for over 20 years and when our last Rott was
put down because of cancer I thought that now we are done with dogs;
however, my wife started lobbying for another dog. So I finally broke down
and took her to a Halo shelter here in Phoenix. She saw a chocolate
Lab/Pit but I said lets go see what other shelters have. To make a long
story short, we went back and got the Lab/pit at the Halo shelter. We named
her HALO and she is now about 3 years old. Our grandson has a pit-bull and
got another little dog for a play mate. They got along great. So, my wife
said let’s get Halo a playmate. So I went into the internet looking for a
chocolate Lab/Pit. There at the Tombstone Shelter was a chocolate Lab/Pit
that looked just like our Halo. So we called and they said that she was
going to be taken to a PetSmart in Sierra Vista on 04/26/14 at 9am. We told
them that we would come and look at her. Sierra Vista is about 200+ miles
from Phoenix. We got up and were on the road to Sierra Vista at 6am and
arrived there about 8:45. When Elaine brought in the Pup, she looked just
like our Halo, and her temperament was very sweet. I thought wow, this pup
would be a perfect match for our Halo.
Her name was Lyric, but we changed it because we had a Halo so the match
would have to be a Angel. 200 miles later we arrived back in Phoenix and
ready for Angel to meet Halo. They did some butt sniffing and a little
jumping on each other but then they just started playing together like they
were born together, perfect sisters.
Right now Angel sleeps with my wife and Halo sleeps with me, but it won’t be
long before we will all be in the same King-sized bed.
We are very very happy with Angel and very thankful for Elaine and the
Tombstone Shelter for caring for Angel.
I never thought that a shelter dog could be such a catch, but believe me, we
now have (2) and they are both sweet wonderful dogs.
Thank you,
Larry & Merna Neumann, Phoenix, AZ

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