Charlotte’s Purpose – Happy Tail Story

Most of us have had several dogs over our life time and they all mean something to us. Once in a while there will be one that stands out, the one that when you see a new dog smile, or look into their eyes you are reminded of your previous dog.  Here is a Story of Charlotte.  She was recently adopted after being at the shelter for  45 days and undergoing surgery for a very large crystal in her bladder, and ulcers.   She has regained most of her health and on the road to a wonderful life and a new purpose.

I want to thank the officers and all the volunteers at the Tombstone Animal Shelter for rescuing Charlotte.  I am now the new mommy for her and if someone told me she was the reincarnation of my old dog, Baby (also a Heeler) , who died 7 years ago, I’d believe it.  It’s as if we just picked up where we left off.  Within the first hour of having her home, as I was sitting in my chair, she jumped up and put her legs on each side of me and laid the side of her head on my stomach and drew in her legs as if to hug me.  Now what dog does that in the first hour of being home?!  I adopted another special needs dog who is very fearful and timid.  When I brought her (Cassie) home, I was trying to lead her out through the back door to the backyard, when she just collapsed and started screaming as if she was being attacked.  As she was half in and half out of the doorway, Charlotte went in through the door then out.  She repeated this several times and pranced around the backyard showing this scared little dog that there was nothing to worry about.  It finally took me 30 minutes with gentle prodding and praising to get her outside. Charlotte never pressed the greeting process and now, while Charlotte has claimed the couch, Cassie sleeps right below her on the carpet.  Plus neither one of them bark!  How lucky is that?!

Thanks again for saving this very special dog—Charlotte.

Mary jo Martin

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