“Single” pets pack a powerful kind of love

“Some pets have so much personality, so much pizazz, and so much love, that often there just isn’t room for more than one of them. A perky pup who’d just as soon not share your lap with another dog, because she thinks she’s all the love you need. And she’s probably right. That divine and dynamic cat who rules the world and can’t be bothered with another feline friend wandering into his perfect universe. You understand.

These fabulous animals are what we affectionately refer to as “single and loving it” — meaning they typically need to be the only cat or dog in the home. And they’re on the prowl for that special someone who can handle all that charm and charisma ” – Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

The above quote fits lots of  cats and dogs in almost all shelters.  No matter how many questions we ask and how we try to educate adopters sometimes they just don’t “get it”.  When a cat or dog is listed as a ” Must be only pet”, there is usually a good reason.  Shelters just don’t say that without doing some observation or having knowing history on the pet.  Currently TSAS has  3 dogs with what some may say are “restrictions”  The quote above could be written just for Valentina.   This dog is oozing love for humans.  We have no history on her because she was chained to the gate at the shelter last July without shade or water.  When people would come to the shelter they would see  her and say “Oh She’s a Pit”, and walk away. Valentina was at the shelter for 73 days before being adopted.  In observing her we  discovered she may be a Plott Hound mix.  Upon further observation  we recommended no small children, meaning under 6 yrs old, and  no other dogs.  She was brought back because she  did not get along with extended family that had dogs.  This beautiful dog needs a loving home and hopefully she will not be at the shelter for another 73 days.

Dewey is another dog that  has tons of love to share,  he is a lab mix and maybe some pit.  He does well with SOME other dogs, preferably female. He is very smart  but again no history because he was a stray in Tombstone last July.  Until recently no one has come to even see him.  He also has some restrictions as no small children under age 6 years., and no cats.  Dewey could be the best he can be with some good obedience training.

Jeremiah is another stray that came to the shelter on his own recently, probably looking for company, food and a warm bed.  He seems to have been well cared for and had some training as he knows all basic commands.  His issue seems to be that he is BIG at about 10 months old he already weighs 84#.  He also can get over a 6 ft chain link fence.  Like Valentina and Dewey  Jeremiah  loves people  and his favorite position is on his back for belly rubs. as far as other dogs go it would definitely have to be a meet and greet.

All three of these dogs have different reasons why they have to have that Special person to adopt them. If you are that person please call the shelter at 520-457-2545 for an appointment.  Their adoption fee is $40 cash or check.

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