Charlotte Happy Tail Update

Each year our annual fundraising newsletter features a dog and a cat.  This year’s dog was Charlotte. You can read her original story under our Happy Tail Section.  Her owner Mary Jo just sent us a recent up date:   ( If you are not receiving our newsletter and would like to please email with your request)

Email from 3/1/2015

Hi Elaine – Thanks for featuring Charlotte in your fundraising newsletter.  Here’s an update for you and your wonderful staff:

Charlotte and Cassie are doing fine.  Charlotte has had 4 bladder infections since I adopted her in May of 2014, but with antibiotics she came through each bout just fine.  Her numbers look good as far as checking for stones.  She has gained weight and so I’ve cut back her K/d food by a 1/4 of a cup.  Both dogs are thriving and enjoy wrestling with each other.  Little Cassie shows very little fear anymore and she’s much more bonded to Charlotte than me, which shows you how good a dog Charlotte is.  I’ve attached a pic of them.   I’m afraid Charlotte is a little dirty as she was wrestling with Cassie in the snow (this was taken 1-1-2015 when it snowed).  What characters!  You will be receiving a donation from me for all your good work.  Thanks again, Mary Jo Martin.

Charlotte & Cassie 1.1.2015

Charlotte & Cassie 1.1.2015

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