Volunteering in a magical place!

TSAS is in need of volunteers to do just about everything. We need walking buddies for dogs, custodians for dogs to ease the current custodians schedule, and cat helpers. Yesterday I was on “shelter duty” from 2-4 for the first time in 3 years. I have moved over 300 miles away but I can’t stop volunteering. But this isn’t about me, this is about what it’s like to be a volunteer in a magical place. I got to play with puppies, help pre-adopt our last dog and play with the cats/ kittens. All of our current dogs are pre-adopted waiting for their spay/neuter appointments to go to their forever homes. Duke our rambunctious beautiful Dobie will be going to California. Chewey & King whose new family came to play and hang out with them will be local. Apollo and Zeus one local one to Tucson. Misty will also be local. All the dogs chilled out in the shade of the trees. Playing with puppies is so fun, unless of course they like to wrestle at your feet and untie your shoes! LOL. Misty loves her toys and was such a darling. What really amazed me was how quiet all the dogs were. and how utterly sweet and good natured. All these new owners sure got fantastic pets. I have put some fun pics on here. What I can’t figure out is why some of our cats have not been adopted. Hazel (new pic) is the biggest lover and cuddle bug I have ever seen and I have had lots of cats most of my life. In fact this pic of Hazel was taken after I quit scratching her ears and she actually tapped my hand ( no claws out) letting me know I better not quit. Elke is another super friendly cat. Jake purrs all the time. He is rather thin and we are working on that. All of the cats are just sweet. Yes being a volunteer in what I have always considered a “magical” place isn’t all play time. Depending on your duties you may have laundry, feeding, cleaning kennels and pooper scooping.But take it from someone who has been involved for 10 years it is so worth it. These precious shelter guests appreciate every minute we spend with them. if you are interested in helping call the shelter 520-457-2545 for more information.

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