TSAS Fundraising Rewards

TSAS has three simple, easy Rewards Programs that you can sign into to help the shelter raise needed funds.  It’s programs like these that help raise funds for unexpected needs like the septic system that needed major repairs in Dec 2018.  Cost $5000

  1. Frys Community Rewards Program – www.FrysCommunityRewards.com – This is program has generated $943.81  in 2018.  It’s easy .  Sign in using your Frys on line account sign in.  Enroll in Community rewards  and follow the directions.  Select Tombstone Small Animal Shelter.  And good news is you won’t have to re-enroll. And you can check quarterly and see how much you have generated to the shelter. for those living in the Pacific NW check your Fred Meyer Community rewards we may also be listed on there. https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards
  2. Amazon has a rewards program for those that purchase qualified products.   When you shop at Amazon they  will reward  TSAS  .5% of your purchase.   In 2018 we received $172.233  It’s easy just go to www.smile.amazon.com  Sign in using your Amazon username and password, or create a new account. A prompt will appear asking for the organization you want your rewards to go to. Type in “Tombstone Small Animal Shelter” and enter.

It’s that easy!

  1. This one is for you and the shelter. Walk for a Dog with the Woof Trax App

Check out this great app for Android or iphone users at

http://www.wooftrax.com.  enter in your information and walk your dog.

This app lets  you program in the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter and whenever you take your dog for a walk (real or imaginary) the shelter will get a donation.

This app uses GPS and will track your route, mileage, time and store it for 30 days.  It’s a great way for you and your dog to see where you go and help the shelter all at the same time. You may even want to use it for a challenge for friends and family. We currently have 54 people signed up but only 7 active walkers. An active walker is someone that uses the app once a week.  And donations are based on active walkers. You can even use this to walk to the coffee shop, put it on pause, and enjoy a visit with a friend, take it off pause and walk home.  Dog walkers can use it and pause it between dogs.   Lets get more active walkers, it’s easy and doesn’t cost a penny to use.

TSAS sells t-shirts with the shelter logo at Special Week-end Events in Tombstone.  During the off season we have them available for sale upon request.  Short Sleeve t-Shirts are $16.  We also     have by pre-order long sleeve t-shirts $18 and sweatshirts $20. Call 520-457-2545 or email emayperry@gmail.com  for order and shipping information.

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