Tombstone Small Animal Shelter 2021 Annual Fundraiser Newsletter

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Shy, stray Roxanne arrived at the shelter with six kittens.  She was only about two years old.  She was a loving, kind mother cat, but she didn’t trust people.  After her kittens were adopted out, she’d ‘mother’ other shelter kittens.  One was four-month-old Pawly (renamed Mija).  After eight-nine days in the shelter, Roxanne was adopted out, along with Mija.  She went to their new home first.  She was so shy, she hid behind a wall unit in the home office.  Her owners only knew she was there because the litter box was used and the food disappeared each night!  Once Mija arrived Roxanne began to come out.  Now she chases Mija throughout the house. They are quite the pair, even teaming up to catch a mouse!

The Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a non-profit, no-kill shelter.We are dedicated to finding homes for unwanted and abandoned animals in the Tombstone area and educating the public in the benefits of spaying and neutering.  We proudly comply with national no-kill standards.  We don’t euthanize except when injury, disease, or temperament makes other options impossible.  All animals are spayed or neutered and vaccinated before leaving the shelter.  Animals are never given or sold for research.

TSAS would like to thank all our supporters for their generous donations!


In November, 2019, one-year-old Atina arrived at the shelter with three kittens.  Having been a stray, she didn’t trust people.Two-year-old Morris was surrendered by his owner in December 2019.  He was adopted out, But returned five days later for not getting along with another cat in the family.  Morris & Atina were put together,  and because he was outgoing and liked people it was thought he might be a good influence on her.  They quickly bonded and Atina (renamed Tina) learned to be more trusting.  After 142 days in the shelter (93 days for Morris), the two cats were adopted out together.  Shy Tina watched Morris interacting with the owners and the other family cats.  She began playing with toys and chasing Morris and sleeping with the other cats.  Now she gets along with everyone!


A donation to the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a wonderful gift for many special occasions:  in memory of a loved one, a birthday gift for a pet lover, to recognize an accomplishment, for any reason really – or “just because”. customers: Scroll down on the website to “Donate to a Rescue.” Choose Tombstone Small Animal Shelter to see our Wish List or products available.

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Stories: Space is limited, so we can only print a few Happy Tail Stories. However, if you have a story to share, please post it to our Facebook page at or send it by email (with a picture) to: It will be put on our website at:


Tori was a pit-bull mix stray brought into the shelter in November, 2019.  She was people-friendly, but also loud and constantly wanting attention.  She had medical issues: an infected eye, pancreatitis, and a bruised leg. As time went on, she became depressed.  Volunteers worried about her mental state.  After 188 days she was adopted — just when it was discovered she had valley fever.  Her new owner took her anyway.  She loves her new home, and her adopter spoils her.  She is still on meds, but is back to being her friendly, cheerful self.  She loves going visiting in the car.  She has a great life and is much loved. 

Amazon Shoppers:  Please switch to Select Tombstone Small Animal Shelter as your charity. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to us. Donations to TSAS in 2020 from Amazon were $520. Our wish list of products is there also.


Zinnia, a rat terrier mix, was surrendered to the shelter in 2018. She was soon adopted.  She had a good life and loved going to the dog park.  However, two years later she was overweight, showed signs of incontinence, and had diabetes.  She was dropped off at the shelter again.  After 18 days, amazing new owners adopted her.  She adjusted to her new life quickly and became quite a snuggler.  Today her diabetes has leveled off and she is maintaining her health although she needs insulin twice a day.  Her favorite hobbies include sun bathing and going for walks.  She is doing fantastic!


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Thank You to all who clicked our Facebook “Donate” button and to those who created birthday fundraisers, other fundraisers, and shared fundraisers.  We love you!  Social Media aka Facebook helps with most adoptions.  Please “like” us on Facebook and “follow” it for info on available pets, adoptions, lost/found pets, and Happy Tail Stories.  “Share” our page so more people see it.  This page is “public” so those who aren’t on Facebook can view it.  For more info on a pet, please CALL  520-457-2545 (don’t text). All voice messages are returned. 
We also have a website if you have not checked it out please do so.  It also has a “DONATE NOW” button. It lists all available pets, those adopted and other information concerning the shelter.  Calendar of Events,things about the shelter including historical newspapers on how the shelter came to be. It has information on local dog trainers, fundraisers, lots of cool


  • Returned 23 dogs and 4 cats to owners
  • Took in 87 kittens under the age of 5 months
  • Had 18 puppies born in foster care
  • Adopted out 78 dogs and 123 cats
  • Spayed/neutered 65 dogs and 122 cats before adoption
  • Community pets spayed or neutered: 17 cats and 11 dogs
  • Participated in Arizona Gives and Giving Tuesday fundraising
  • Posted statistics to
  • Updated info on   for 2020 Gold Level in transparency
  • Participated in Tombstone Special Week-End Events (limited due to COVID)
  •  In mid-April , due to COVID restrictions all off-site adoptions were discontinued and the shelter hours were changed to “By appointment only”.
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