Tombstone Small Animal shelter was recently awarded a $12,540 grant. The funds were provided through the Arizona Community Foundation and were dispensed from the Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare. This grant will be used to build an addition to the shelter to better house our kittens and organize the main room of the shelter. Currently the main room of the shelter does double duty as a kitten room/store room/office etc. In order to reach the current cat enclosures the volunteers have to climb a ladder. The new addition will allow the kittens to be in their own room, safely play on the floor and volunteers will not need to worry about them escaping when someone comes in to do other work. Volunteers will no longer have to climb ladders to clean. The main room will be re-organized so work can be done more efficiently. TSAS is extremely thankful for the generosity of the ACF and the Ryan Miele Foundation.

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