Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All

This has been a different and sometimes difficult  year for all of us.  Personally, emotionally and in some cases financially. A lot of the animal shelters around the country have struggled with adoptions and in the beginning of the year huge intake volumes.  TSAS has been extremely lucky.  We have major contributors and supporters that kept us going with supplies and donations and adoptions.  When space permitted and we had volunteers/fosters available we were able to help other shelters in the county. In December we elected a new Board for 2021 that is very passionate about the shelter and how it works. We have a wonderful crew of volunteers that believe in the work we do and how to help the pets when they come in for, hopefully, a short stay. We have community support with residents and merchants helping to spread the word and hosting fundraisers.  Once again thank you for your shipments  and donations of supplies, your adoptions and your monetary donations. We all look forward to 2021! Stay safe and Have a Wonderful Holiday!

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