Happy Tail- Beau

Beau here, just letting everyone know I am doing FANTASTIC !  I have done some traveling in my short life. I am about 18 months old and started life in San Carlos, Mexico where I was a street dog and starving. Eventually I found my way to the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter.  My adventures on this trip are my secret but I am glad I finally got here.  The volunteers at the shelter were really nice and I was only there a very short time (less than a day), when this very sweet lady came to see me.

What I didn’t know at the time was that she had just lost her beloved dog of 12 years and was grieving.  She saw me and  noticed how I got along with all the other dogs at the shelter and decided it would be my job  to help her through grieving process.  Her name is Gail , she took me home  and put me to work.   This was October 25, 2013, and we both  think I have done a great job.

When I got to Gail’s house I discovered a resident Siamese Cat.   Would you believe his name is BINGO.. yep!  I thought maybe we could play a game or two, but I guess he doesn’t know how.   We didn’t hit it off right away, you know cats, they can be so uppity!!! But now we are good friends.   I guess cats are ok,  this one finally learned that I am the king around here.

For the first time in my life I have a nice warm bed, plenty of good food, and a large covered dog run with a dog house in the yard, made especially for me.   This way I  am protected from the nasty coyotes, that have been known to jump the fence, and the  cougar that has been spotted in the vicinity.  I have lots of toys and they are all mine. I don’t have to share with anyone especially Bingo!

I am one Lucky dog  with a really Happy Tail  that’s for sure!  Gail tells everyone I am very smart and not just a good dog a WONDERFUL DOG  AND SHE LOVES ME A WHOLE LOT!!

When Found

When Found

When Adopted

When Adopted

Today - Happy Dog

Today – Happy Dog

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