Dear Santa from Miss Trina

Dear Santa;

Miss Trina here,  just checkin’ in to let you know I am at the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter.  I thought if you knew where I was and have been since May that you might be able to help guide the right family to the shelter to adopt me.  All I want for Christmas is a family to love me.  I have so much love that I don’t really want to share with other pets. I know that sounds selfish but at 5 years old I have determined I am packed with enough love that other pets are needed.

The kind volunteers here at the shelter love me a lot, I know, but they only have so much time to spend on each pet and sometimes there are lots here.  They all seem to get to go to their new homes but here I am still waiting.  And I am the Famous one, or maybe Infamous one!  I have been in the Fun Run/Walk  and even been in the Helldorado Parade.  Bet not many have done that!  I had a great time and people called out to me and clapped and gave me treats.  What a trip that was!

I am a regular at  PetSmart  and CAL Ranch in Sierra Vista  but still come back to the shelter.  I even have had my DNA done and for those of you that think I am fat, nope, I have  some St. Bernard in my ancestry so that accounts for the big bone structure.  Of course since my main breed is American Staffordshire the Military won’t let me live on Post. 

Last year I heard that another guest here at the shelter, Katy, wrote you a letter and she got a Great new home by Christmas and is now called “Katy the Wonder Dog”.  That’s what I would like, a new home and if someone wanted to call me “Trina the Wonder Dog” that would be ok too!! The shelter is having a Special Adoption Promotion for Seniors, anyone  who qualifies  and is 65 years and older can adopt me or any 5 year old or older pet for just $10 during the month of December. And if you haven’t reached your golden years the adoption fee is only $25.  Santa, the shelter’s phone number is 520-457-2545.

Thank You Santa for all you do for the shelter Pets.

Yours Truly,

Trina        Trina c                               UPDATE 12/12/2015  SANTA GRANTS WISHES. TRINA ADOPTED

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