AZ Give April 2nd

Invest in AZ! We are excited to announce that Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is joining this year’s Arizona Gives Day, a statewide, 24-hour online giving campaign. Please consider giving on April 2.

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter needs your help. We are a small no-kill non-profit shelter in rural southeast Arizona.  We are privately owned and operated.  We receive no funding from any city or other government agency.  Tombstone Small Animal Shelter has been incorporated since 1977. We are run by volunteers and supported by donors, just like you, people that believe in the welfare of abandoned cats and dogs. Through no fault of their own these pets  find themselves at the shelter, many scared and confused and some in need of medical. We believe that every pet that comes to us is treated with respect, kindness and compassion.  That they are given  a safe, warm, dry bed and food and attention.  All of our volunteers are dedicated to these animals. We are not paid to take them to veterinarians 20 miles one way and pick them back up. We receive no pay to take them 16+ miles for offsite adoptions 3-4 times a month to get them better exposure.  We are not reimbursed for our many hours on the computer making sure they are out there for the public to see, or for the many errands we run.  We ask no pay for doing laundry and the day to day care they need.  We do this because we believe in these cats and dogs.  In 2018 our medical expenses, including spay and neuter, for shelter animals was 46%.   Our total adoptions for the year was 208.  Considering we only have 7 cat kennels and 12 dog kennels, 2 of which we try to keep open for local animal control, this was a big accomplishment.

If you are asking “How would my donation help?”  Here is an example:  In March of this year we took in 8 cats whose owner had passed away. They were all 8-10 years old.  Good news is they were all spayed/neutered.  Bad news is 6 of the 8 needed major dental and some minor surgeries, testing for feline leukemia/aids and all vaccinations updated.  At the same time we had two small dogs needing dental.  All in the first week of the month.  All cats and dogs that come to us are spayed/neutered, given all age appropriate vaccinations and any other medical they need before going to their new homes. Of course medical expenses  for shelter animals are not our only expense but the largest.  We also help local low income families with spay/neuter and food so that they can keep their beloved pets and we don’t get them at the shelter.  We need to buy food  for shelter animals and other necessities when donations run low.  Your much needed donation and continued support will help to allow this small rural shelter to continue for many years. Thank You! TSAS.


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