April 7th Arizona Gives Day

Frequently asked questions about donating to the Tombstone Small Animal No-Kill Shelter.

Who are we? Tombstone Small Animal Shelter (TSAS)is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal shelter. We are run by volunteers and supported by donors.  Our donors, like you, are people that believe in the welfare of abandoned cats and dogs. Through no fault of their own, these pets find themselves at the shelter.  Most are scared and confused; many are also in need of medical attention.

What do we believe?  We believe that every pet that comes to us should be–and is–treated with respect, kindness and compassion.  We believe these pets need to have a safe, warm, dry bed; food; and, just as importantly, attention.  All of our volunteers are dedicated to these animals.

Where will your money be spent?  This year we are all facing major uncertainty with the COVID-19 situation.  With local stores and special events cancelled our monthly donations from tourists are non-existent.   Our supplies are very limited, volunteers are being asked to bring toilet paper, tissues, and disposable gloves. We are using wash cloths that can be washed instead of paper towels and our adoptions are fewer than normal.  Our shelter is full with more pets waiting to come in. And soon we will be facing kitten season.  Last year was an unprecedented year for kittens 95 under the age of 5 months with several born at the shelter. This means pets are staying with us longer and more supplies for cleaning, food and cat litter are needed. We are still open by appointment and 2-4pm on Saturdays. This year your donation of any size is extremely important. 

Examples of what we can/have accomplished: 

Ruby.  Ruby was found under the porch in an abandoned home with a litter of pups.  She was thin and scared. Ruby was also a handful since she was energetic, friendly and full of life.  Luckily Ruby did not need more medical then the normal medical care: being spayed and receiving routine vaccinations. After her pups were adopted, Ruby was left wondering what was going to happen.  Ruby is a Bull Terrier, a breed banned in certain local areas like military posts and some housing rentals.  Ruby was adopted twice and came back, through no fault of her own.  After about a year at the shelter, Ruby was finally adopted to a family with a small child.  Several months later pictures came to us showing Ruby as a happy, well adjusted dog, playing with kids and other dogs in her forever home.


Christopher.  Christopher was a kitten who was blind since birth.  He is now a happy cat who can negotiate stairs and jump on couches in his forever home.


Miss Daisy.  Miss Daisy, a 4 year old street dog from Mexico who lived in a gas station, was injured by a car.  She never received medical attention, so she walked with a limp. Now she lives a comfortable, happy life in her forever home and plays with the neighbor’s dog.


All of these pets now have wonderful homes.  TSAS does not shy away from accepting pets in need just because of their breed or because of medical issues which can be addressed. Pets stay with us for as long as they need until a forever home can be found.  On rare occasions, if we feel it is in best interest of the animal, a pet may be transferred to a rescue.

What kinds of expenses do we have?

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, like all no-kill animal facilities, needs funds for more than just medical expenses. Unlike some shelters, however, TSAS is not a county or city owned facility.  It survives in its ability to carry out its mission as a no-kill shelter through applications for grants, creative fund raising sponsored by our local merchants and donations from caring people just like you. 

Just like a home, sometimes structural repairs need to be made to the facility itself.  Last year, repairs needed to be made to TSAS’ 20 year old septic system—including updating plumbing and drainage.  The year before, the electrical system at TSAS needed to be upgraded to accommodate two washers and dryers necessary to keep bedding and towels clean and sanitary as well as the necessary heating and cooling required in the high desert area of Tombstone.  Funds are required for food and general cleaning supplies, when donations of these items do not keep up with the demand.  Maintaining the shelter in tip top condition is crucial to the health and welfare of the pets that come to stay with us. 

We are a very small facility and space is limited, but with your kind help and tax deductible financial support we can make sure all cats and dogs coming to us receive the best care we can provide in a clean and well maintained environment. You can schedule or make donations on line at www.azgives.org/tombstonesmallanimalshelter or by mailing donations to P.O. Box 1085, Tombstone, AZ  85638.  In the “Town Too Tough to Die,” it is important that we make sure our no-kill shelter remains open as a safe place for our fur residents!

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