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Tombstone Small Animal Shelter

2016 Annual fundraiser newsletter

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Open Saturday 2-4pm or by appointment 7 days a week – call 520-457-2545

1037 S. Landin Park Way; Mailing Address: PO Box 1085, Tombstone, AZ 85638

www.petfinder.com                 www.adoptapet.com                 www.rescueme.org

Highlights of our Past Year

37 active volunteers donated 500 hours a month plus others helped at special events

Off site adoptions 3rd and 5th Saturdays, CAL RANCH in Sierra Vista

Offsite adoptions 2nd and 4th Saturdays, PetSmart in Sierra Vista

Donation tables monthly at Tombstone at Twilight and Staples in Sierra Vista

Donation tables at 8 special weekend events in Tombstone

Helldorado Parade participation, October 17th

5K Run/Fun Walk, sponsored by EPG Team, Ft. Huachuca. Raised $1385

Open House Showcase for renovations from Ryan Miele Foundation grant, May 17

Trina’s Story:IMG_7093 Trina Sept. 2015a

  I’m Trina, a 5-year-old St. Bernard mix. Last May, I ended up at the shelter. All the volunteers fell in love with me. I went to lots of off-site adoption sites and even participated in a        parade. But no one adopted me. Why? Because although I loved people, I’d decided I wanted to an only pet. It’s hard to find a home for a dog like me. I was still at the shelter in December, so I wrote a letter to Santa asking for his help. And guess what?!!! A wonderful gentleman called and said he wanted to be Santa’s helper and take me home! Now I have a family and a yard of my own. I’m so glad  the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter and kept me all those months until I found a home.

A Donation in Honor of Someone is a Wonderful Gift!

A donation to the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a wonderful gift for many special   occasions: in memory of a loved one, a birthday gift for a pet lover, to recognize an       accomplishment, for any reason really – or “just because.” The “Honored Someone” will be sent a note notifying him or her of your gift. They will be happy knowing the gift will provide a homeless pet a second chance at a wonderful life or medical treatment for a pet in need.

K.C.’s Story

IMG_7086 K.C. Sept. 2015a

Last July, my owner could no longer care for me. I was eight years old when I arrived at the shelter. I’d never lived in a cage; I was very frightened. The volunteers were kind and loving, but I was quite shy. At off-site adoption events, I would ignore people and not  interact at all. I didn’t realize my actions were hurting my chances at being adopted. Finally in December, a lady came to the shelter searching for a cat like me: quiet and reserved. It was a match made in heaven. Now I love my new home. Since then I’ve learned that I was a lucky cat because I was brought to a no-kill shelter. I resided at the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter for five months.

TSAS would like to thank all our supporters for their generous donations!

Our shelter could not survive without the help of grants*. We’re very appreciative.

Arizona Community Foundation of Cochise Grant: to help with spay and neuter costs

Ryan Meile Animal Welfare Endowment Grant: to help pay for medical care for shelter pets and medical assistance for community pets

Petco Foundation Grant: for stipend to help pay for custodial costs.

*Each grant must be used for specific purposes only. Over 2/3 of the grant money from the Ryan Miele and the Arizona Community Foundation grants were used up by February.

The Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a non-profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to finding homes for unwanted and abandoned animals in the Tombstone area, and educating the public in the benefits of spaying and neutering. We proudly comply with  national no-kill standards. We don’t euthanize except when injury, disease or temperament makes other options impossible. All animals are spayed or neutered and vaccinated before leaving the shelter. Animals are never given or sold for research.

Silas’s Story:

Silas a

From Desert Dog to Beachcomber

This was a recent letter to the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter:

     “It’s been three years now since I adopted Silas, a male bull mastiff from your     shelter. He’s had an incredibly positive influence on my life as both my teacher and companion. Silas became trained to be my service dog as well due to his intelligence and eagerness to learn even more. I remember back on 12/23/2012 when I adopted him, Tonyia was especially kind, friendly, warm and helpful.                

     Thank all of you for your noble, tireless efforts!”

From Jason Miller, San Diego, CA

Our shelter depends on donations from people like you.               

  Please donate today!

Calling all FaceBookers!

This past year FaceBook (along with our website and other online adoption formats such as adoptapet.com, petfinder.com, and rescueme.org) helped us get the word out regarding dozens of pets available for adoption. In 2015 we adopted out 86 dogs and 68 cats. Last year we returned 15 dogs back to their rightful owners through our postings on FaceBook. Because of FaceBook, people learned about our fund-raising events, our off-site donation tables, our off-site adoption locations, and low-cost mobile  clinic dates. We currently have 1600 + followers and everyday many, many people “like” our page. Won’t you please help us spread the word? Join us at:  www.facebook.com/tombstonesmallanimalshelter

We need your donations. Please make out a check today!   Also, T-shirts are available with our logo for a $16 donation at  the Rose Tree Museum, Ike’s Mini-Market, Boothill Cemetery Gift Shop, and sidewalk venues.

Donate Today!

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