2015 Open House

To see pictures of the Open House from May 17th. Go to the About Us link at the top of the page,  Click on Shelter Gallery and then click on  2015 Open House.

The Open house was a big success with most of those attending coming to the shelter for the first time.  Everyone , including all the pets enjoyed a fun time in the sun.  or relaxing on benches in the shade. Visitors were able to check out all the new improvements, while seeing pictures of the “before” renovations posted.

Our one cat, Gary  was  pre-adopted and later our last puppy, Sharona was also pre-adopted.

The shelter is Open to the public on Saturdays from 2-4 pm.  OR by appointment 7 days a week.

For more information call 520-457-2545 or email epavon@powerc.net

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