Dogs available for adoption November 2020

Dogs available for adoption are spayed/neutered, micro chipped and utd on all age appropriate vaccinations. A meet and greet with your dog is necessary in most instances.  Adoption fees are $60 cash or check only + $10.99 (must have card) for micro chip registration where applicable. There is no cost for a transfer of the micro chip if dogs have been previously registered.

Willow and Bruno are sibling 6 month old staffordshire mix pups. Super sweet. They are available for pre-adoption.

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Open by Appointment ONLY

TSAS is open by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We make appointments 7 days a week. Our phone is a cell phone and is answered daily and voice mail is returned within 24 hours. If you would like to visit the shelter or adopt a pet call 520-457-2545.

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Cats available for adoption -November 2020

Per Shelter Policy all cats must be indoor only and may not be declawed. All cats/kittens are spayed/neutered, utd on age appropriate vaccinations, tested for feline leukemia/aids. BEFORE going to their new home.  All are litter box and scratching post trained.  For an appointment to adopt call 520-457-2545. Adoption fees are $60 cash or check( no cards).

Female Kittens about 18 weeks Sable, Sasha

Elke is about 2 years – friendly quiet orange tabby

Swiss is a sweet male 6 month old

Kittens available for pre adoption – Amber, Davy, Derby,

Mr. Peaches thinks he can escape but he is sadly mistaken. He is a 6 month old male that would do best with another cat to help with his hijinxs.

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Volunteering in a magical place!

TSAS is in need of volunteers to do just about everything. We need walking buddies for dogs, custodians for dogs to ease the current custodians schedule, and cat helpers. Yesterday I was on “shelter duty” from 2-4 for the first time in 3 years. I have moved over 300 miles away but I can’t stop volunteering. But this isn’t about me, this is about what it’s like to be a volunteer in a magical place. I got to play with puppies, help pre-adopt our last dog and play with the cats/ kittens. All of our current dogs are pre-adopted waiting for their spay/neuter appointments to go to their forever homes. Duke our rambunctious beautiful Dobie will be going to California. Chewey & King whose new family came to play and hang out with them will be local. Apollo and Zeus one local one to Tucson. Misty will also be local. All the dogs chilled out in the shade of the trees. Playing with puppies is so fun, unless of course they like to wrestle at your feet and untie your shoes! LOL. Misty loves her toys and was such a darling. What really amazed me was how quiet all the dogs were. and how utterly sweet and good natured. All these new owners sure got fantastic pets. I have put some fun pics on here. What I can’t figure out is why some of our cats have not been adopted. Hazel (new pic) is the biggest lover and cuddle bug I have ever seen and I have had lots of cats most of my life. In fact this pic of Hazel was taken after I quit scratching her ears and she actually tapped my hand ( no claws out) letting me know I better not quit. Elke is another super friendly cat. Jake purrs all the time. He is rather thin and we are working on that. All of the cats are just sweet. Yes being a volunteer in what I have always considered a “magical” place isn’t all play time. Depending on your duties you may have laundry, feeding, cleaning kennels and pooper scooping.But take it from someone who has been involved for 10 years it is so worth it. These precious shelter guests appreciate every minute we spend with them. if you are interested in helping call the shelter 520-457-2545 for more information.

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Give Puppy Love, is an online pet supply store that donates a portion of each sale to a rescue organization of the buyer’s choice. They currently have gift baskets for sale with a portion going to the shelter. Please click on the link below (or copy and paste) and check out their gift baskets that you can customize for your pet.–AZ

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Ryan Miele Grant Received

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter would like to thank the Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare, administered by the Arizona Community Foundation for the $11,000 Grant just received.  The funds will be used for a variety of maintenance issues at the shelter, help with custodial care stipend and veterinary medical bills.  TSAS has been the recipient of these grants for many years and cannot thank the administrators of this grant enough.  Over the years these funds have allowed us to do much needed improvements and maintenance at the shelter and helped with all kinds of medical. Ryan Miele was a strong believer in Animal Welfare and TSAS would like to think she would be proud that we are continuing her work. Keeping animals safe, healthy and finding good homes for them. 

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Precious Nikki needs help

UPDATE 10/8/2020

It is with great sadness and heartbreak that we have lost our precious Nikki.  She was found a week ago with severe malnutrition, injured and deformed front leg, and she had just given birth within a couple of days to pups not found. She was also diagnosed with Valley Fever and  a severe uterine infection.  At first we thought she  would make it but last night she took a turn for the worst and was in extreme pain.  Sadly it was just too much for her to deal with. Everyone that met her loved her and it breaks our heart that she never got to go to that perfect home we wanted for her.  But she also had a loving foster home this last week and didn’t die on a lonely desert road with no one to take care of her. RIP Sweet Nikki.

This is sweet precious Nikki. She was found by a good Samaritan off Gleeson.  No microchip, emaciated, full of milk and with an injured leg. Her pups were not found with her or in the vicinity. Thank you to the Drs and staff at Coronado Veterinary  for taking such good care of her.  Even through all the pain and too weak to stand Nikki still wags her tail at volunteers. She knows she is in good hands.  Nikki has a long road to complete recovery ahead of her. She faces not only recovery from starvation but she will need to have her injured leg removed at the shoulder when she is healthy enough to have surgery. She will also need to be spayed and utd on all vaccinations.   Any donations to help with her medical bills and care is greatly appreciated.  Checks can be mailed to the shelter at PO Box 1085, Tombstone AZ 85638

Update 10/4/2020 – After a couple of days of food, meds and a soft bed Nikki is able to stand and do short walks.

Update 10/5/2020 – We just received news that Nikki’s Valley Fever test is positive. She will be on meds to help with this for several months

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Thank you to the Tombstone Community

This year has been a very hard year for a lot of non-profits and especially animal shelters. Large numbers of people are out of work and many sick and dying. With the current situation and the CDC guidelines the shelter volunteers have not been participating in the Special Week-end Events with our information/donation table. Tourists and their donations help the shelter immensely. But with that said the local community/merchants has continued helping the shelter. We recently received wonderful donations from the Tombstone Treasures Thrift Store and the local Marine Corp League.

TSAS feels very fortunate to be in a community that takes care of us and believes in what the shelter stands for.

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SOS Almost drowning in Kittens

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Pre-adoption policy

TSAS has a pre-adoption policy. It means you can come pre-adopt a pet BUT you may not take the pet home until after they have been spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Sometimes, in the case of very young kittens and puppies this can be two months or more. As of today 5/31 we have 15 kittens and 3 adults in 7 cat kennels. 13 of those kittens are pre-adopted and going home in the next couple of weeks. Only 1 of these 18 are available to go home now. As soon as we get kennels open we will be bringing in kittens that are being fostered. We will post pics and descriptions when they come to the shelter. If you see a pet you are interested in CALL immediately for an appointment as it is on a first come basis and they may not be available if you wait. We post on many sites and cannot answer all questions people tend to ask. Many pets also have a long list of interested adopters. Adoption fees are $60.

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