UPDATE 5/20/2022 Petey’s hip is healing nicely and he is out of pain from that. His pelvis has also healed as did 0ne knee. Unfortunately he will need surgery June 6th for the other knee. If you can help with this surgery, thank you.

UPDATE 4/27/2022 – Petey had a follow up appointment and is doing amazingly well. The D.r doesn’t believe he will need further surgery. His knees are heeling and he believes the major cause of all his pain and discomfort was the dislocated him. He is recommending exercise and another follow up in three weeks. After that if all goes well he will be available for adoption.

My  name is Petey.  I was found in Douglas, AZ and transferred to the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter.  I appeared to be a happy camper, who just wanted to cuddle and give kisses, but I was hiding the fact I had been hit by a car while I was roaming the area looking for home. I was in pain but thought it would go away.  One day it was just too much and I had trouble walking and no energy. The volunteers took me to a Dr. and after several tests and x-rays  they were able to  rule out any disease i.e. valley fever, parvo, distemper etc. BUT they discovered my injuries from the car were more severe.  I have a broken pelvis. A dislocated hip and 2 torn ACL’s. I came back to the shelter with several pain medications and limited activity.  Dr. Lou at Coronado Veterinary Hospital said I will need several surgeries. The first is schedule on Tuesday  April 19 to repair my hip.  Once that is completed and I am better the broken pelvis will be addressed.   It seems I will be on restriction and rehabilitation for some time before I can be adopted to my forever home.

If you can help with my medical bills that would be great.  Please mail checks to

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter, PO Box 1085, Tombstone, AZ 85638

Network for Good – donate now button on this page.

Pay-Pal –

facebook –  ( click on fundraiser for Petey)

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