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August Adoption Promotion $20

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a Proud Network Partner and excited to be offering this Adoption Special during the month of August. ALL pets just $20 each.  *** cats/kittens must be indoor only and may not be declawed.  Call today for an appointment 520-457-2545.  Or stop by on Saturday from 2-4pm when the shelter is open to the public. We also offer Off Site adoptions in Sierra Vista from 9:30-3pm at PetSmart on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month and CAL Ranch on the 3rd and 5th Saturdays.

Freedom Adoption Event July 1-4

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is once again Teeming with Best Friends Animal Society  to offer a Special Adoption Fee of just $17.76 for each cat or dog adopted or pre-adopted July 1-4

All pets are spayed/neutered, utd on vaccinations.
Cats must be indoor only and may not be declawed Per shelter Policy

Dogs are micro chipped and there is a $10.99 registration fee.

June Adoption Special $10

TSAS Is teaming with Best Friends Animal Society and offering all cats/ kittens for a $10 adoption fee. All Cats/ Kittens must be indoor only and may not be declawed.

For an appointment to adopt or pre-adopt call 520-457-2545.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony May 6, 2017

The Ceremony was a wonderful time to greet old and new friends to the shelter.  It was a beautiful Saturday in May.   About 40+ people attended including many volunteers. Volunteers of the shelter took this time to not only celebrate the opening of the new kitten room but to honor long time volunteers, Tonyia Hallen and Chris & Paulette Townsend for their dedication to the shelter and all their hard work..  All three started in 1997.

Tonyia Hallen moved to Tombstone in 1996 after her husband Rodger retired from the Foreign Service. She started volunteering at the shelter in 1997, two years after the current building was built. At that time there were no accommodations for cats. Until 2014 Tonyia held several positions on the Board of Directors the last one being Secretary. Tonyia was passionate about seeing to the welfare of the animals and helped find good loving, forever homes for hundreds of abandoned pets. Her volunteer years included doing just about anything that needed doing at the shelter.  She currently lives in Sidney, Australia.

Chris and Paulette Townsend made Tombstone their home in 1997 after retirement.  Like Tonyia both Chris and Paulette have held different positions on the Board of Directors over the years.  Chris is currently the Vice President.

In 1997 Chris and Rodger Hallen built six cat kennels in the main room of the shelter.  Three upper and three lower.  Due to water leakage and dampness the three lower ones were removed about a year later.

About 2007 the large cat room, on the East side of the building,  with four cat kennels was built.  Money for all projects,  including building the shelter, was raised by donations. Many, many bake sales were held over the years and Paulette, along with other volunteers baked dozens of goodies for the sales.

In 2011 Tonyia over saw the installation of  windows put into the four cat kennels in the “cat room”.  This room also housed the washing machine, hot water tank,  toilet and utility sink. It currently does double duty as the rest room.

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a successful shelter due to the many dedicated volunteers like Tonyia, Chris and Paulette and generous donors and supporters.

Volunteers do everything from taking care of the cats and dogs, transporting to veterinarians, taking pets to off-site adoptions, writing grants, doing laundry, walking dogs, cleaning up the yards and pulling weeds, picking up the mail and entering everything into an online data base.  Posting on Social Media and many adoption sites. Sitting at  donation tables at all Special Week-end Events in Tombstone, once a month at Tombstone at Twilight  and at Staples in Sierra Vista.

Over the years the shelter has seen many changes. A new laundry building was built in 2014 and the washing machine was removed from the existing cat room.  This allowed the use of two washers and two dryers. In 2015, 2/3 of the  dog kennels were re-framed thanks to a Grant received from the Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare. Over the years large play yards have been divided and more added.  Currently there are 8 large yards and two smaller enclosed puppy yards. Most of the funds for this has come from Grants received over the years from the Ryan Miele Endowment For Animal Welfare.

This new addition will allow better organization and storage in the main room of the shelter and a safer environment for the cats/kittens that will be housed in the new room. It also will be easier/safer for the volunteers working with these cats/kittens. This project was accomplished by a Grant from the Ryan Miele Endowment For Animal Welfare  and distributed by the Arizona Community Foundation of Cochise.

The shelter was also able to work with the City of Tombstone to upgrade the electrical to the site, allowing for better heating and cooling and the use of two dryers simultaneously.   Construction on both projects was done by Bob Radcliff and his crew at  Eco Strada Construction.

The shelter currently has seven cat kennels and ten dog kennels plus two dog kennels kept available for the Tombstone Marshall’s when they bring in  dogs.

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill  animal shelter run by volunteers and supported by donations with the added support of grants received.







You are Cordially invited to:

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter’s

 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Showcasing renovations made possible by the

Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare

Saturday, May 6, 2017             2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Ribbon Cutting 3PM

1037 S. Landin Park Way, Tombstone, AZ

2nd Annual Celebration of Animals a Huge Success

2nd Annual Celebration of Animals

The 2nd Annual Celebration of Animals – All About Animals is a supportive organization of animal welfare governmental agencies and non-profit organizations with common goals to provide for the welfare of animals in Cochise County. We will be hosting a Celebrating Animals Event on March 18 at Veterans Memorial Park, Sierra Vista.  Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a member of this group and will be attending. This will be a FUN filled FREE Event for the whole Family.

2017 Annual Fundraiser Newsletter

Tombstone Small Animal Shelter

2017 Annual fundraiser newsletter

 Send a Donation Today!        “Non-profit, no-kill”*       email:

Open Saturday 2-4pm or by appointment 7 days a week – call 520-457-2545

1037 S. Landin Park Way; Mailing Address: PO Box 1085, Tombstone, AZ 85638              



Eddy arrived at the shelter in 2007 as a totally unruly pup.  His recent DNA indicates he is 90% American Staffordshire Terrier and 10% Bulldog.  He was such a handful at that time that the volunteers weren’t sure he could be saved. Dog behavior experts were called in to help deal with his behavior. With lots of work, he was finally ready for adoption.7 months later he was adopted.  However, he was returned due to poor behavior.  No suitable adopter was found. So the person who first adopted him re adopted Eddy, following through with the behavior  plan that had been put in place. Eddy thrived. Sadly his owner fell on hard times and was unable to care for him.

He returned to the shelter in 2015 as a scared, angry, big dog that some volunteers did not even want to be around.  One minute he was giving kisses and another he was snarling . He had medical issues and was put on medications.  He mellowed out and became friendlier.  After 176 days he was adopted out but was brought back. He was adopted again.  Again he was returned, both the adopters had other problems and couldn’t keep him.

Eddy was now a pure gentle soul that just needed a chance. The volunteers continued to work with him daily and were worried he would spend his last years at the shelter.  Eddy’s blood work now showed he may have more medical issues.  Everyone was concerned.

Finally in 2016 a lady adopted him who turned his life around. He now accompanies her to a local museum where she volunteers and he is the love of the staff. He is now healthy, and according to his new owner Annette “Eddy is in Hog Heaven with an acre to run in.  He is spectacular, very well trained and follows directions. “


TSAS would like to thank all our supporters for their generous donation


ASHTON’S STORY                                                                                                     

Special Needs Met

My name is Ashton. I am 2 years old.  When I was young I had a home where I was allowed to run the streets. It is not against the law in Tombstone for cats to roam .  It can be a lot of fun but also hazardous to us felines. I became somewhat of a nuisance and was in lots of skirmishes chasing the ladies. Somewhere along the way I lost an ear, don’t remember where or when.  The good folks of the shelter took me in and gave me food, shelter and medical treatment. It was discovered that I had FIV which is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (aka Feline Aids), even thought I show no symptoms. This is a disease that is not transferable to other animals or humans but is fatal to cats. I was now considered a “Special Needs” cat and could only be adopted to someone without any other cats or someone that had cats with the same disease.  A “Special Person” was found and now I live in a big beautiful home with others like me, a big room just for us and lots of love and attention.  No more wondering the streets looking for love in all the wrong places!!

For more information on this disease: › Cat Health

Calling all FaceBookers!

This past year FaceBook (along with our website and,, and helped us circulate information about dozens of available pets. Through FaceBook, people learned about our fund-raising events, our off-site donation tables, our off-site adoption locations, and low-cost mobile  clinic dates, and lost and found pets. We now have over 1900 followers. Would you please “like” our page and share the information?

The Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a non-profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to    finding homes for unwanted and abandoned animals in the Tombstone area, and educating the public in the benefits of spaying and neutering. We proudly comply with   national no-kill standards. We don’t euthanize except when injury, disease o  temperament makes other options impossible. All animals are spayed or neutered and vaccinated before leaving the shelter. Animals are never given or sold for research

Highlights of our Past Year

President Elaine Perry, Rose Tree Parade Grand Marshall

Partnered with Best Friends Animal Society on Several Occasions

Participated in Territorial Days Parade

Participated in Celebration for Animals at Veterans Memorial Park

126 dogs adopted; 22 returned to owner

68 cats adopted; 1 returned to owner

33% increase in adoptions from last year

Successful adoptions figures due in part to our volunteers who take the cats/dogs to offsite venues in Sierra Vista 20 miles away every Saturday with the exception of the 1st Saturday of the month.

44 cats/kittens taken off the streets of Tombstone, spayed/neutered and found good loving  indoor homes, preventing approximately 288 more kittens on the street in 2017

Spayed and Neutered 127 pets

62% increase in spays and neuters from last year

Provided micro chipping for a majority of dogs adopted

Missy’s Story:

Miss Missy came to the shelter In April 2016 – She was a senior

whose previous owner was ill and no longer able care for her. Missy needed spay and updated vaccinations.  She also had some tumors that needed to be checked. Missy was a quiet little poodle that everyone loved.  She was adopted about 2 weeks later. I just wanted you to know how much my daughter and I love Missy.  She is so spoiled!  My daughter is always kissing her and now Missy only wants to sleep with her. The best news is that she is cancer free. Thank You”, Sheila.


A Donation in Honor of Someone is a Wonderful Gift!

A donation to the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter is a wonderful gift for many special  occasions: in memory of a loved one, a birthday gift for a pet lover, to recognize an      accomplishment, for any reason really – or “just because.”

The “Honored Someone”  or their family, will be sent a note notifying him or her of your gift. They will be happy knowing the gift will provide a homeless pet a second chance at a wonderful life or medical treatment for a pet in need.


Mordred is a 7 year old 15 lb   black beauty,  who came to the  shelter Dec 23, 2016. His owner was a Military Veteran who traveled the world with Mordred, whose name is from the Kind Arthur Stories.When, sadly his owner could no longer care for him he asked the shelter to find a good loving home.  Mordred is healthy and happy, laid back and a gentle soul.  Jan 28 he was adopted to a family and is happy and well.


We are thankful for our wonderful Grant Providers

Ryan Meile Animal Welfare Endowment Grant: will pay for a cat room addition

Shelter’s Animal Count Incentive Grant: helped pay vet bills

We need your donations. Please make out a check today! 

We also accept, Mastercard, American Express and Visa Too!

 Also, T-shirts are available with our logo for a $16 donation at  the Rose Tree Museum, Ike’s Mini-Market, Boothill Cemetery Gift Shop, and sidewalk venues.

Donate Today!

Valentines Special Feb 1-14

TSAS is teaming with Best Friends Society for reduced adoption fees on All Cats/kittens Feb 1-14

All cats/kittens must be indoor only and may not be declawed.  All will be spayed/neutered, tested for feline leukemia/aids and given age appropriate vaccinations.  For an appointment to adopt or more information call 520-457-2545.

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2016 Annual Volunteer & Family Potluck

Tuesday, December 13th the Volunteers and their families met at the Community Church Hall in Tombstone for the Annual Potluck Dinner.  Everyone had a great time with games  and lots of door prizes. It was a  time to welcome new volunteers and share information regarding past and upcoming events and shelter news.

Elaine presented two couples with awards of appreciation for all the extras that they do at the shelter.  Always being available and going that extra mile, Bill & Lue Emmons ,  Shelly Coon & Freddy Loya.  Each were given a framed Certificate and a gift.

The following were elected to the 2017 Board of Directors:

President – Elaine Perry

Vice President – Chris Townsend

Secretary – Vanessa Burelli

Treasurer – Marcia Spitler

Member at Large – Karen Troncale