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The Zoey Antics – A Happy Tail

Zoey before adoption

Zoey before adoption

When we adopted Zoey it was a bad time in our lives; as we had just lost our two dogs of thirteen years. She has helped fill a void in our lives. If you had given up on her; we would have missed almost two yers of happiness with her. Some of her favorite things to do are: perching on the lawn chair that is supposed to be mine, playing tug with our clothing socks sleeves, getting dressed is interesting, she enjoys howling and dancing, yes she dances, she loves her walks in the morning and evening, she runs around the house and yard at full speeds that we call breaking the hound barrier, she loves cheese, ice cream, peanut butter ans bread, breads can no longer be left on the counter for the counter is within the
Zoey zone. She hops on counters and will stay there until she is caught. She will then Wag her tail and bow to play. She has the best beds in the house, love seat, four puppy beds placed around the house and of course my and my husbands bed where she squeezes into the center and pushes outward. We wind up on the edges while she snores!! She loves her belly rubs and gives great kisses, nice and slobbery. We want to thank you for her and all the love and laughter she has given us so far.
Jon and Robin Gagnon

What it means to have a ” Special” Dog

When we go to the shelter to choose our  “Perfect” pet, we  have all kinds of ideas of what that means.  Sometimes it is the breed, even though most are mixed breed. It can mean, long or short hair, big or small,  how well  they get along with other animals, kids or  people in general.  What we don’t normally do is look for a pet that may need lots of medical attention or  special food etc.  Yes there are those that do just adopt “Special” pets, but most us us don’t.  As a volunteer for the TSAS I see many pets come through the shelter.  Very few are “Special”.  Most are happy, healthy dogs and cats that just need a chance at a good home and thrive when they are adopted.  Some  may have a few anxiety issues at first and act out, but that usually goes away pretty fast, once they realize their new owner isn’t going to abandon them.

Last August we weren’t actively looking for the “perfect”  dog.  We had a  three year old Beagle that we thought might like a new friend as we had just lost our other dog. But  we were keeping our options open.  Then here comes Mr. Rudy into the shelter.  He was found out in the desert outside Tombstone.  He was starving and extremely thin, couldn’t bark. It was thought he was a very young puppy, he weighed in at 17#, long legs and bones.. His condition required him to be given  a gruel like substance because he couldn’t seem to keep anything down.  His first vet appointment showed him to be anemic and 18  months old, not a puppy.  Because the shelter is only staffed twice a day and Mr. Rudy needed to have meals more often My husband and I were asked to foster him.

The first few days were rough. Our beagle was staying out of town with relatives and that let us concentrated on Mr. Rudy. He had some anxiety issues and couldn’t be left alone.   He couldn’t seem to keep anything down no matter what we tried.  Canned food was too rich, home made food with rice and ground turkey caused him to cough up the rice.  He started drinking lots and lots of water, and urinated frequently.This all meant a lot of calls to the local veterinarian and urine tests and even x-rays to see what the issue was. .

It was determined that he was an Anomaly.  Meaning, not just one thing  but several.  His kidneys are compromised and he has no concentration to his urine,That means water restriction.  He has a partially blocked esophagus.  and a heart condition.   No long walks.

Fast forward six months….. Yes we failed and now belong to the Failed Foster Club.  You know those well meaning people that think they can give back an animal they have had… Ha Ha

Mr. Rudy has gained 10#,  Still very thin, He eats  standing up with his food bowl on a chair.  His food is pureed, and low protein.  Or dehydrated.  He loves fresh veggies and fruit.  Spinach and Kale are some of  his favorites so his blood count is now normal.  He  now barks, once his throat was clear of any food obstruction.  He has gone to obedience training class and passed.  He and his Beagle sister play all the time.   Yes we still have wet bedding, and need to be home to feed him three times a day.  We may not have Mr. Rudy for many years but we will love him and enjoy him as long as we can. This journey, though far from over, is one we wouldn’t have missed.

Rudy August 23, 2013

Rudy August 23, 2013

Rudy, Jan 2014

Rudy, Jan 2014

Happy Tail – Lottery for Kent

Mr. Kent has hit the lottery.  After being at the shelter for over 326 days Kent has found his forever home.  He is residing in Rio Rico  with a wonderful  man who understands his needs and who thinks he is the best.  The first thing Kent did when he got to his new home was to jump into the swimming pool. We knew at the shelter that he loved water but because of some health issues last summer he had not been allowed to do any swimming.  Now he is healthy and goes into the pool for about an hour or more a day.  He lays by the pool enjoying himself until he is told he can go in.  As you can see he creates quite a splash!

Kent Diving

Kent Diving

Kent Swimming
Kent Swimming


A Happy Tail – Meet Jake

Mack Dec. 2013


Jake Feb.2014

Jake Feb.2014

Of course that was not his name when I brought him home from the shelter but
somehow  “Mack” was way too big for such a small creature.
Jake seemed just right.   I lost my 12 year old mixed breed “Rainey”
back in the summer and needed a little time before jumping into
the puppy thing again.   I know how much time and attention it
requires to ensure a new puppy and a resident older dog make the necessary

Jake and older dog “Copper” have become great pals and it is so much fun to
watch them play together.  In the short time he has been with us, he has
found his place in our home and our hearts.

He is such a little jewel.  From the start, it was like he just knew this
was his new home. Even though he was only about 7 months old when he came to
us just before Christmas, 2013,  he slept through the night and made all the
adjustments to his new home without any problems.

We are so pleased with our “new” companion and really appreciate the great
work the Tombstone Animal Shelter is doing for our
community.   Charline


Happy Tails – His Name is Morgan

His name is Morgan and he is not what I was looking for when my husband and I decided to look for a new companion about 2 years ago.

When our beloved 14 year old black lab mix Rachel passed I was determined to take a break from dog poop, dog hair, vet bills and the obligatory morning walks. Well that lasted all of two weeks! Both of us felt as if the house was way to quiet and lonely without Rachel. We decided to try to find a new companion at one of the local rescue places. I wanted a small “lap” dog, Something I could cuddle up with on the sofa or in a chair.  Our last three dogs had been large breeds that were wonderful companions and friends but hardly what you would choose to cuddle up with in a chair or sofa. I was determined to finally get the small dog I had been wanting for years.

So, two weeks after Rachel’s passing, we headed down to the Tombstone Animal Shelter to rescue a small dog. We were not there more than 15 minutes when a black, white and tan pointer mix breed by the name of Barry decided we were his new family. The problem was Barry weighed in at a measly 85lbs! Never mind his size, he was determined there was no way we were leaving without him. Well, of course we couldn’t resistant a dog that was that determined to be part of our family so we loaded him into our van and headed home.

The first order of business was to give him a name that was more suited to his personality, Barry just didn’t cut it and wasn’t his real name anyway. He was found wondering the streets of Tombstone and given the name of Barry by the Tombstone Animal Shelter because it was the next name on the list. We decided on Morgan because it’s a strong name with substance. This is a dog that needed a name to go along with his size.

The second thing I had to do was go to Walmart for doggie supplies – food, bed, collar, toys. As soon as we brought out the collar he could hardly contain himself. He wanted that collar on BAD! When I put his newly purchased bed down on the floor he settled on it and has never looked back.

We will never know what his life was like before he came to us but we do know that he is the most loving, grateful dog to ever come into our house. It’s as if he knows that he is safe and will be well cared for and loving us is his way of giving back.  By: Shryl Miles

Morgan's first day

Morgan’s first day

Happy Tail – Kendal Isabella Porter

Here are a couple of pictures of Kendal, formerly Cindy, in her new forever home.
Who knew a simple trip to PetSmart to get a fish net could be such a life changing event!
When she came home with us it was as if she had lived here all of her life.
She is so sweet and well mannered and we could not be happier!
The ladies assisting the adoption were absolute angels! Thank you for being so helpful and knowledgeable about the entire process.
We appreciate you more than you know! Our family is complete!
-Stuart, Marsha, Madison & Kendal Porter

Kendal & Dad relaxing photo 2 (2) photo 3

Happy Tail- Beau

Beau here, just letting everyone know I am doing FANTASTIC !  I have done some traveling in my short life. I am about 18 months old and started life in San Carlos, Mexico where I was a street dog and starving. Eventually I found my way to the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter.  My adventures on this trip are my secret but I am glad I finally got here.  The volunteers at the shelter were really nice and I was only there a very short time (less than a day), when this very sweet lady came to see me.

What I didn’t know at the time was that she had just lost her beloved dog of 12 years and was grieving.  She saw me and  noticed how I got along with all the other dogs at the shelter and decided it would be my job  to help her through grieving process.  Her name is Gail , she took me home  and put me to work.   This was October 25, 2013, and we both  think I have done a great job.

When I got to Gail’s house I discovered a resident Siamese Cat.   Would you believe his name is BINGO.. yep!  I thought maybe we could play a game or two, but I guess he doesn’t know how.   We didn’t hit it off right away, you know cats, they can be so uppity!!! But now we are good friends.   I guess cats are ok,  this one finally learned that I am the king around here.

For the first time in my life I have a nice warm bed, plenty of good food, and a large covered dog run with a dog house in the yard, made especially for me.   This way I  am protected from the nasty coyotes, that have been known to jump the fence, and the  cougar that has been spotted in the vicinity.  I have lots of toys and they are all mine. I don’t have to share with anyone especially Bingo!

I am one Lucky dog  with a really Happy Tail  that’s for sure!  Gail tells everyone I am very smart and not just a good dog a WONDERFUL DOG  AND SHE LOVES ME A WHOLE LOT!!

When Found

When Found

When Adopted

When Adopted

Today - Happy Dog

Today – Happy Dog